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5 Tips for Throwing a Summer Bash on a Budget

Updated: Jul 20, 2018

We all know that Summer is all about the BBQ's, backyard Get-Together's and spending those warm Summer nights with Friends & Family. With these 5 tips you will be sure to get the most bang for your Buck, which means more get-together's and smiles, less hassles.

TIP #1: Think Like a Minimalist.

You don't have to overdue it on the menu. Find one item that you know will be a crowd pleaser and perfect it. Then add a couple side dishes, fresh baquette, a dip and voilà!

TIP #2: Let the Food be the focal point.

Meaning, skip all the hassle of buying table decorations or flowers. Use the fresh fruit and vegetable that you have around the house to decorate your tables. Grab a couple of your favorite bowls and display the most colorful array of fruit & vegetables. You will turn your party into a beautiful garden setting, loads of freshness & mouth watering table decor.

TIP #3 - Forget Tradition Seating.

If you are short on chairs or tables, don't go out and buy or rent them. Gather up your favorite colorful throws, quilts and pillows and arrange a lovely space for seating. Your family and friends will love grounding themselves and the feeling of being more intimate.


Too many beverage options become more of a hassle than anything. Put together a Margarita or Mojito mix into a large punch bowl to set out for your guests. Or put out a galvanized tub of your favorite local beer. You will be so happy to have more time to spend with your guests rather than assisting with beverage options. Plus your guests will probably thank you as well for sticking to one alcohol drink of the night.

TIP # 5: Add Ambiance through Great Music.

There is nothing better than a bash with some great tunes. So instead of worrying about putting together any sort of entertainment, put on your favorite pandora station. The more classic and popular the tunes, the better your friends can sing along or dance to. Your friends and family will love making memories that associate old with the new.


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